Leaving the humidity of the East and making my journey back to the west coast from Cuba. Many friends have been made. Wonderful memories of colour, vibrancy of Havana and and shared time in the plantation style lobby of the Hotel Parque Centrale with other photographers on our tour.

Hours were spent absorbing the culture, politics and situation of the people around us. Air pollution, dust, petrol fumes, masses of activity and people, construction and broken streets are a constant reminder of the hardships endured. There are layers here to be absorbed and understood. The people have food and seem happy. Our photographer friends follow their passions and fill their life with art and involvement and shared time with others. We spent time with Carlos, Chang and Aciel who were amazingly helpful. Jorge took us on Dawn Patrol and I could always see him ahead of me in the shadows of the narrow streets with his tripod over his shoulder. He used the same Canon 24-105 lens and always had a smile on his face and a professional attitude towards assisting us. I now have time to absorb the experience. Remarkable place and trip. I appreciate so much that I was able to travel in Cuba. I wonder how quickly there will be major changes for the Cubans. Tourists abound. Every day the entry to our hotel was packed with new arrivals and luggage. No photos of that! Another Cuba image to upload now.