I am very excited to post a photograph I took last night in Havana at the Hotel Parque Centrale of our Photographer leader, Arthur Meyerson and Claudia Corrales, the grandaughter of Raol Corrales. Raol Corrales was a famous Cuban photographer who documented the Revolutionary period in Cuba.

It is worth googling him and finding out more about his amazing famous images of that period in history. Claudia is a talented young photographer in her own right and was one of our guides throughout our week in Cuba. We had several Cuban photographers accompanying us throughout our time there and they were all incredibly impressive, talented, generous and sharing of their knowledge and expertise in the world of photography. We had our final slide show last night with both groups from Santa Fe Photography workshops and it was held in the Museum of Fine Art. We then had a lovely dinner on Obispo Street on the rooftop dining terrace of a local restaurant. The entire week in Cuba ran meticulously and truly was an event in a changing time of historical interest and significance. We arrived at the Miami airport about 3:30 this afternoon on American Airlines just in time to see Air Force One parked close by. I leave for Arizona early tomorrow morning and then fly to Vancouver on Friday.