February 14: Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo.

Meiji Jingu Shrine is one of Tokyo’s most important shrines. There was a wedding there and we had an opportunity to witness the departure event.We had been to Yoyogi Park with bands and performers, walkers and runners previous to this location. We headed to Shibuya crossing after this quiet interlude.


February 13: Tokyo, Sensoji Temple.

With friends for the day. We visited the Sensoji Temple. There was incense burning in the square in front of the temple. People waft the smoke over their bodies and hope to bring good spirits and good fortune to their lives.


February 12, 2016: Tokyo, Day 1

Caught the train. Staying at Intercontinental ANA. About one hour train ride to downtown Tokyo. Visited a temple. Then a boat cruise to get a feel for the city. Walked through wonderful gardens. Back for group meeting at 3 pm.

April 23, Miami, Florida

Leaving the humidity of the East and making my journey back to the west coast from Cuba. Many friends have been made. Wonderful memories of colour, vibrancy of Havana and and shared time in the plantation style lobby of the Hotel Parque Centrale with other photographers on our tour.
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Back to Miami

I am very excited to post a photograph I took last night in Havana at the Hotel Parque Centrale of our Photographer leader, Arthur Meyerson and Claudia Corrales, the grandaughter of Raol Corrales. Raol Corrales was a famous Cuban photographer who documented the Revolutionary period in Cuba.
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Final Day Havana

Today was a day off from organized Santa Fe Photography events so I booked a three hour photo shoot at the home of Jossi Alonso. She lives on Calle 6 on the corner of Calzada a short distance from Havana Centrale.
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Havana: Day 6

Dawn Patrol again at 6:15. Lovely to be out first thing in the morning with the troop of photographers. The streets seem very safe. We meander through the side streets near the Park Centrale where our hotel is located.
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Havana: Day 5

This is the second post that I am actually writing myself. The first three posts were done by Carlos, my administrator, in Arizona through email as I could not access this site. It now seems to be working for me. Today has been a day off without the usual early morning photographing in the side streets.

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Havana: Day 4

Today is the first post that I am actually entering as I have had internet problems in Havana. Sometimes it works, more likely than not, it is intermittent.

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Havana: Day 3

We are up early and have our cappuccinos in the hotel lobby at 5:30 a.m. We are staying at the Hotel Parque Centrale in Havana and it is very elegant, and for me, a huge surprise. I love this hotel. It feels a bit like plantation hotel with a very tropical feeling in the lobby and the rooms are spacious and elegant.

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