Lucerne. February 13, 2018

The carnival carries on in Lucerne until the Tuesday  before Ash Wednesday. The history goes back to the fifteenth century and the guilds in the city. The city is alive with parades, music, costumes and revelry. Photographing the people and gatherings is overwhelming but fun and colourful.

Desert architecture

One of the designs of Donald Wexler. It is one of the Case Studies Houses made of steel. Socially conscious architects, including Wexler, provided designs for houses that could be constructed quickly for the for the post war population. Steel houses could be prefabricated and erected within a couple of days on site. The material was particularly good for the desert environment.

Palm Springs Neighbourhoods

On January 7th, 2018 I started a week of exploring and photographing mid century modern houses in several Palm Springs neighbourhoods.  This week has been spent focusing on the influence of mid Century architecture in Palm Springs. We are reading books on photography and creativity. Being inspired and following intuition are part of the daily process. Turning off social media and enjoying the moment of the world around us is a benefit and every day is unfolding with cameras in hand.

November Havana Day 1

Cuba again and it is exciting to be here. Havana is such a vibrant city. Thunderstorms. Santa Fe Photography Cultural Exchange with Cuban Photographers. Photograph taken on drive from Jose Marti International Airport to Havana neighbourhood of Miramar for a late lunch.