In March of 2017, my husband and I travelled from Havana to Cienfuegos and Trinidad on less travelled roadways with our photographer friend, Carlos Otero. Carlos was working on a Portrait Project after his highly successful Bedrooms of Cuba Project. He took us to locations off the beaten path to see the real Cuba that he loves so much. “Cuba-On The Road” is a reflection of my experience there and way of seeing the world of nature, objects, things and people we encountered during this week driving along the coast and through the mountains where Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fought for power and control over fifty years ago. I created images that reflect my impressions of the people, their lives and the environment in which they conduct their daily rituals. My photographs are portraits of life in Cuba away from tourists from afar.  Each image represents a moment in time. I have documented this with my camera and organized the details of the image with my personal arrangement of visual information.  My goal is to present my impressions and experience as we explored together along this route. Carlos was photographing, arranging lodging and meals and driving. My husband requested that we go fishing with the local fishermen and visit the area of The Bay of Pigs to learn more about the political history of Cuba.  I documented it all feeling the luxury of having my husband with me to explore this land of joy, sharing, turmoil and hardship. It was the perfect trip. Magical; happy and interesting with unexpected surprises along the way.