Today was a day off from organized Santa Fe Photography events so I booked a three hour photo shoot at the home of Jossi Alonso. She lives on Calle 6 on the corner of Calzada a short distance from Havana Centrale.

Jossi speaks English but it was a great opportunity for me to practice my Spanish. Her home is a very elegant mansion crumbling and deteriorating but with a rich patina and history that is felt in every area of the home. I spent about an hour at least just in her kitchen. The wiring and plumbing fixtures are ancient but, obviously, still used. Jossi was married to a much loved man who was a Chemical Engineer in the sugar industry. The home was originally owned by the parents of her husband and Jossi moved there in the early ’60’s when her father-in-law passed away. There is such an elegance throughout the home with the winding ornate staircase, marble floors, chandeliers and so on mixed with dusty and ancient books on shelves and bottles and boxes stacked in all corners. It was an amazing morning for me to visit with a very lovely, elegant and articulate woman. I returned to the Parque Centrale Hotel for my usual camarones in garlic for lunch and then headed out in a purple antique taxi for a two hour tour of the malacon, 5th Avenue past the various embassies and out to Hemingway Marina. The photo I am uploading is from Jossi’s home.