We are up early and have our cappuccinos in the hotel lobby at 5:30 a.m. We are staying at the Hotel Parque Centrale in Havana and it is very elegant, and for me, a huge surprise. I love this hotel. It feels a bit like plantation hotel with a very tropical feeling in the lobby and the rooms are spacious and elegant.

We leave early for what is called the “Dawn Patrol”. The photographs from the morning patrol are wonderful as the light is amazing. It makes such a difference. We return to the hotel about 8 a.m. , have breakfast and get organized until 9 and then meet to head out for the day. Today we attended a boxing ring for young boys and we photographed as best we could without interfering with the action. To be honest, my photographs are not as outstanding as would like but we could not get close to the participants and the light by noon was glaring and bright. We left there and had a very nice lunch and then returned to the hotel for a well needed nap. We met again at 5 and headed out to a neighbourhood in Havana Centrale and photographed the residents taking part in their daily lives basically on the street. We were back to the hotel for dinner, applies or a glass of wine by 6:30 and attended a Photo Tech display of prints by well know Cuban photographers. The day is done! Another early start tomorrow. All photographs so far have been taken in Havana.