Dawn Patrol again at 6:15. Lovely to be out first thing in the morning with the troop of photographers. The streets seem very safe. We meander through the side streets near the Park Centrale where our hotel is located.

The city comes alive slowly with street vendors serving coffee from their door openings. The tenement living is very very rustic and views through open doorways are more indicative of warehouse style living with broken concrete in walls and floors, rusty treads on stairways, primitive machinery in view and single light bulbs hanging from the ceilings. We have just scratched the surface in understanding the life of the local people. There are many many tourists and every day dozens more seem to be checking into our hotel. The city is very vibrant and outside our hotel are rows of vintage ’50’s car all polished and well kept by the proud owners and taxi drivers. The weather has been hot and sunny and extremely humid. Today we set out to meet a member of the Santeria religious community and went to a home of practitioners of that type of spirituality where we learned of the beliefs and heritage of the African based practices. A dance group followed up with a performance in a local market area. We are winding up our time here and tomorrow is our last day to explore the city before our 45 minute flight to Miami on Wednesday morning. I will be photographing a very elegant home owned by an elderly woman which our Cuban guide, Carlos, arranged for me.